Broccoli and Parmesan Fritters

Broccoli and Parmesan Fritters

Use up your broccoli in a creative, simple and tasty way by mixing it with a bit of parmesan and a few other ingredients and turn it into fritters.

nude statue

It’s a PENIS not a ‘love muscle’!

It’s not a willy or a doodle. It’s not a crank or a love muscle. Neither is it a shaft, pee pee, snake, worm, percy, piece, pole, prick, rod or tool. Quite frankly in our house it’s a penis. P. E. N. I. S. It’s an anatomically correct term. It’s a term used in medical dictionaries. It’s not rude, crass or even an adult word. It’s a biologically correct descriptive word for a body part.

newborn in hands

Before we had kids…

Before I had children I thought I knew what I was in for. But nothing prepared me for the ups and downs and the consideration of having to remove pieces of my children's anatomy!

choc chip chia muffins

Choc-Chip Chia Muffins

Choc-chip chia muffins are a great recipe for kids' lunch boxes

Little Mashies Reusable Squeezie Pouches

Little Mashies Food Pouches Review and Giveaway

Pin It There is a giveaway at the bottom of this post so keep reading………… Sponsored post When our middle child started prep this year we encountered...

child growing up

One blink and they’re no longer babies!

Pin It Sitting in our loungeroom pregnant with our first baby, I remember speaking with The Chook Whisperer about all the exciting things about becoming a parent....

postman pat: the movie

Win 2 x Family Passes to See Postman Pat the Movie

Win one of 2 family passes to see Postman Pat: The Movie

Eat me crunchy bowls

How do you eat your cereal? Soggy, crunchy…. or scrunchy? Kelloggs giveaway

Pin ItSponsored post When it comes to eating, cereal is one of our ‘go to’ foods. Cereal is one of those foods that is eaten at all...

working mum

Sometimes it sucks to be a working mum!

Pin ItBeing a working mum with young kids has its perks. The chance to maintain a career, develop professional relationships and have professional conversations. The chance for...

basil and rocket pesto

Basil and Rocket Pesto Recipe

Pin ItWith a yard filled with basil growing wild and rocket plants also growing like weeds I’ve finally found a way to put both to good use....

quick and easy peanut butter choc chip cookies

Quick & Easy Peanut Butter and Choc-Chip Cookies

Pin ItPeanut butter and chocolate are two ingredients that go together like…..ummm…… peanut butter and chocolate. No really. And throw a tin of condensed milk into the...


A WiFi mini printer that fits in your handbag #PringoAu

Pin ItMuuuum, I need to have a photo of me and *insert appropriate school project specification here* for tomorrow!!! Aaarrrgh!!! A statement that usually fills me with...

easy banana choc chip muffins

Quick and Easy Banana Choc-Chip Muffins Recipe

Pin It   If you hadn’t already noticed, our family are banana lovers. We love anything banana flavoured be it Banana Cake, Banana Bread, Banana Cookies, you...

Toilet scared toilet paper

Commando Crapping – The Perils of a One Loo Family

Pin It   Jac, I need a bucket!  I heard the desperate call from my husband in the bathroom. I remembered the swiftness in his step when...

Chocolate apple gluten free cake

Gluten free chocolate apple cake

Pin It  It seems that I can’t for the life of me pick decent apples at the moment. Most of the apples I’ve selected of late(regardless of...

easy apple pear and cinnamon pikelets

Easy pear, apple and cinnamon pikelets

Pin ItWith a couple of withering pears and apples sitting in the bottom of our fridge I wanted a way of using them creatively (aside from feeding...