16th Apr2014
quick and easy peanut butter choc chip cookies

Quick & Easy Peanut Butter and Choc-Chip Cookies

Pin ItPeanut butter and chocolate are two ingredients that go together like…..ummm…… peanut butter and chocolate. No really. And throw a tin of condensed milk into the...

08th Apr2014

A WiFi mini printer that fits in your handbag #PringoAu

Pin ItMuuuum, I need to have a photo of me and *insert appropriate school project specification here* for tomorrow!!! Aaarrrgh!!! A statement that usually fills me with...

27th Mar2014
easy banana choc chip muffins

Quick and Easy Banana Choc-Chip Muffins Recipe

Pin It   If you hadn’t already noticed, our family are banana lovers. We love anything banana flavoured be it Banana Cake, Banana Bread, Banana Cookies, you...

24th Mar2014
Toilet scared toilet paper

Commando Crapping – The Perils of a One Loo Family

Pin It   Jac, I need a bucket!  I heard the desperate call from my husband in the bathroom. I remembered the swiftness in his step when...

23rd Feb2014
Chocolate apple gluten free cake

Gluten free chocolate apple cake

Pin It  It seems that I can’t for the life of me pick decent apples at the moment. Most of the apples I’ve selected of late(regardless of...

16th Feb2014
easy apple pear and cinnamon pikelets

Easy pear, apple and cinnamon pikelets

Pin ItWith a couple of withering pears and apples sitting in the bottom of our fridge I wanted a way of using them creatively (aside from feeding...

14th Feb2014
Typical St Valentine's Day Cupid (image credit)

St Valentine’s Day – If you only had moments to live, to whom would you declare your love?

Pin ItI’d like to take a moment to welcome the author of this post (Belinda) as one of our newest writers here at CRAP Mamma. Belinda (B)...

09th Feb2014
child on phone

Do you let your kids answer the phone?

Pin It Image credit I distinctly remember a time in my life when the sound of a child’s voice on the other end of the phone sent...

27th Jan2014
tzatziki greek yoghurt and cucumber dip

Tzatziki (Greek yoghurt and cucumber dip) Recipe

Pin ItIf you’re looking for a simple and healthy dip that is versatile enough to put on sandwiches and serve with roast meat then this. is. it....

13th Jan2014
funny warning sign

Warning – going out in the sun may cause your children to sweat!!

Pin ItWe live in a time of warning signs and risk mitigation. Of helmets and seat belts. Of trampolines with safety nets and compulsory pool fences. We...

06th Jan2014
easy mini meatloaf

Mini Meatloaves Recipe

Pin ItMeatloaf is one of those classically easy recipes that takes only moments to prepare and yet brings back so many memories of childhood. My Mum still...

24th Dec2013
Santa photo 2013

Is Santa Really Real Mum?

Pin ItIs Santa really real Mum? The question sent a prickle up the nape of my neck and my stomach made me feel like I’d just dropped...

15th Dec2013
Lenards Festive Whole Chicken Roll

Lenards Christmas Giveaway {win a $50 Lenard’s voucher} #LenardsXmas

Pin ItWith Christmas less than 2 weeks away if you haven’t got your family Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner menu squared away - I don’t want to pressure...

12th Dec2013
Queensland museum

10 cheap (and free) school holiday activities in Brisbane

Pin ItWell the school holidays are finally upon  us and if you’re a little like me and haven’t quite planned anything to do with the kids throughout...

01st Dec2013
advent wall calendar

Easy Advent Wall Calendar (CRAP style)

Pin ItWell the 1st of December hit me a little sooner than expected this year. I mean, who knew it was going to come straight after the...

27th Nov2013
family in shower

You know it’s time to stop showering with the kids when…..

Pin It    Ours has always been an ‘open door’ kinda house. Going to bed – door open.  Going to the toilet – door open. Having a...