05th Jun2012

More than sugar with her coffee…. {Short Tale Tuesday}

by crapmamma
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She watched him from across the room. He was in the ‘zone’. The routine of making their morning coffees comforted him. Comforted both of them.

Coffee, sugar, milk.  Wait, listening for the soft rumble of the kettle boiling. Stare in humble silence and wait.

He didn’t know she watched him. The kitchen bench lay between them. He didn’t know what she was thinking. She didn’t know what she was thinking.

Tiffany felt the burn rise up her neck, her cheeks flushing. It had been a while. They’d not long since had their third baby and it was ‘dry times’. Fatigue, lack of sleep and a small house with three children and thin walls did nothing to improve their attempts at intimacy.

But it was early now. The sun had barely stretched it’s embrace to the dewy grass. The two eldest children were happily watching morning cartoons in the TV room and the baby had just gone back down for a nap……

Tiffany could feel the familiar tingling between her thighs. Like the beating of tiny wings releasing electricity with every movement.  She was ready. It had to be now.

She watched her husband longingly. His back to her. His broad shoulders slumped with the fatigue that only comes from having two kids and a new-born. She knew he needed her too.

She ran her hand up inside her loose night-shirt, her nipples reacted to her gentle touch. In anticipation. Her flesh flexed with goose-pimples as her cold fingers and the chill of the brisk morning tantalised her skin.

Tentatively she approached Justin. It was now or never. Married for more than 14 years, the two once spent whole weekends entwined in each others embrace. Not knowing where one of them ended and the other began. Not caring. A long time ago. Another life.

Sensing his wife, Justin turned toward her. Confused at first but quickly accustoming himself to his new found luck. His eyes met hers and she saw a the twinkle she once thought had long since gone.

His strong hands found their way quickly to her warmest, softest parts. Her husband’s body knew they were on borrowed time because his manhood saluted her within moments of her command.

‘We don’t have much time’ she whispered to him, her hot breath against his ear. With hands around her curvy waist he lifted her easily onto the bench. More urgent now. She enveloped him with her legs. Wanting him. Needing him. He breathed hard as he………





‘Mum, why are you looking at Dad like that?’ came the voice of their six year old son.

Brought back to reality and back to the other side of the kitchen bench Tiffany flushed again. Her husband was still making coffee unaware of the showdown she’d just envisioned.

‘What? Nothing? I’m not looking like anything.’  she replied, stumbling over her words.

‘Yes Tiffany’ teased her husband ‘why were you looking at me like that?’ he asked. But the glint in his eye made her realise he knew exactly what she’d been thinking. Dreaming.

He handed her her coffee and bent close to her ear, ‘you can tell me later if you like’ he said. He winked cheekily at her and ruffled his bewildered son’s hair.

‘Tell you what?’ their son asked, increasingly confused with his parents’ behaviour.

Tiffany smiled, ‘nothing honey, your father’s just going to make me another coffee later.’

Although this time he’s going to put a little sugar in it she smugly thought to herself.

 This has been a Short Tale Tuesday story hosted by the lovely Penny from A Mum in the Wild. It’s about taking a pic of something around the house and writing something creative about it. Pop on over to Pen’s blog and read some other entries.

A Mum in the Wild


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