09th Jul2012

$150 McCormick Hamper Giveaway and Recipe Creations Review

by crapmamma
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This giveaway has now closed…

There is a giveaway at the bottom of this post, read on…..

As a mother of three rapidly growing weed-like boys I’m always looking for food ideas that are quick, nutritious and tasty. However being as time-poor as the next parent I find it’s easy to get into a ‘flavour-rut’ only sticking to the tried and true recipes that we know will be acceptable chow for the troops.

Besides, whilst it’s nice to try new flavours, buying a whole heap of herbs and spices that you’re not quite sure how to use (or whether they’ll bloody eat them) can be a real risk.

So when McCormick recently contacted me to try their newest Recipe Creations and All Natural Recipe Base range my interest was piqued.

McCormick’s new Recipe Creations range pre-measures all your herbs and spices for your chosen meal, provides you with simple step-by-step directions  and extra ingredients list on the back and voila you have a flavoursome meal with barely a brain-cell drawing a sweat!

McCormick Recipe Creations range

We tried the Beef Scallopine with mushrooms meal to start off with….

Beef Scallopine Recipe Creations

…and I have to say it was a great way of trialling a new dish without having to buy large bottles of herbs and spices that I wouldn’t normally stock (like sage – how do you even use sage??).

The meal was super duper easy and dinner was served from ‘go to wo’ in around half an hour.

And the flavour -  WOW!

In The Chook Whisperer’s (aka hubby) words after he devoured a whole plate in the blink of an eye (most of it before it even hit the table):

 ‘this is a restaurant-quality meal!!’ 

*ahem* not that he’s not used to ‘restaurant-quality meals’ at home *cough cough*

McCormick’s Beef Scallopine with Paprika Potatoes nom nom!!

Eating this meal left us feeling like our taste-buds were having a rave party in our mouths! With the pre-measured quantities of sage (oh yes now I know where to use sage), rosemary and garlic the flavour was bold and strong and mouth-wateringly delicious.

Sadly the kids weren’t overly enthused with the strong flavours but that didn’t deter us, considering it just meant more for the grown-ups ;-) and the kids got stuck into the paprika potatoes I serve up with it instead.

The next dish we whipped up was the Herb and Parmesan Crumbed Chicken All Natural Recipe Base. The recipe bases are sachets of coarsely ground herbs, spices and other natural ingredients which form the ’taste-base’ for your meal.

The Herb and Parmesan Crumbed Chicken Recipe Base was pretty much a throw-it-into-a-freezer-bag-with-all-your-other-ingredients kind of deal. Just add the chicken, shake it around to coat and throw it in the oven. Super-easy.

Herb and Parmesan Crumbed Chicken Recipe Base

This recipe base was intended to be used with chicken pieces but seeing as The Chook Whisperer returned from the shops with 2 whole chooks instead of 2kg of chicken thighs I just had adapt and overcome…

All smelly-cheese and herbed up and ready to be baked!

 And this was the result….

Herb and Parmesan Crumbed Chicken

 And rather than describing the taste, I think a picture says it all….

Nom nom! The chicken never stood a chance!!

We’ve since tried a couple more of the recipe bases including the Beef Kofta with Tzatziki and we’ve found them to be a brilliant way of bringing new flavours into the household with minimum fuss and without having to buy oodles of expensive ingredients you may never use again.

So now that our family has trialled a few of the McCormick’s range of  all natural recipe creations and recipe bases here’s you chance to win a hujungamungous $150 McCormick goodies hamper so you can try some new flavours and recipes for you and your family….

*happy dance*




To win, all you have to do is…..

1. Tell us IN 50 WORDS OR LESS, what is one of your most favourite herb or spice to cook with and why?

2. There is no 2! Refer to number 1.

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{Giveaway closes at 1159pm AEST Friday 20th July 2012}


Submission of entry constitutes acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions:


1. This competition is only open to Australian residents over the age of 18 years.

2. This is a game of skill and winner will be judged on creativity of the winning answer. The judge’s decision is final.

3. Total prize pool value is $150. Prize is not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash.

4. The winner will be selected by a person independent of CRAP Mamma.

5. All entries must constitute a relevant answer of 50 words or less to be eligible to win.

6. The competition closes AEST 1159pm Friday 20th July.

7. Winners will be contacted by email within 5 working days of competition close. Winners that don’t reply to email within 3 days of receipt of email will forfeit prize and competition will be re-drawn.

8. Winners will need to provide a postal address at the time of contact in order for prize to be forwarded.

9. This giveaway is bound by rules of common-sense. Winners will be selected in an ethical and honest manner without bias or favouritism.


Disclaimer- this is a sponsored post (I was given a gorgeous hamper and food voucher from McCormick to purchase the ingredients for the above recipes). All opinions are my own and are honest-to-bloody-goodness. So there!

28 Responses to “$150 McCormick Hamper Giveaway and Recipe Creations Review”

  • Karen Turner

    I love curry, there’s so many delicious flavours and the dishes you can make are countless.

  • Linda Courtney

    I love fresh chilli. Makes everything from Thai to Italian taste so much better.

  • Sarah Lucan


    Dinner ………………….. converted,
    Bland…………………….. deserted,
    Diet……………………….. inverted,

  • gav jackson

    love the kofta lamb spices. was scared to try it own my own and now its a family favourite!

  • Sam Eeles

    Garlic – I can use it in anything….have even made a garlic pudding for dessert.

  • I love basil. Fresh or dried, it’s the most frequently used herb in our household.

    Great giveaway. I love the sampler style pack pictured. I’m often discouraged from recipes that use heaps of herbs because I inevitable buy a bottle, use a teaspoon and end up throwing the rest away several years later!
    Krystle recently posted..Is there anything we don’t blame parents for?My Profile

  • Rebekah Ballingall

    Rosemary as it can be used fresh and dried and changes the flavour of the dish so much

  • Dee

    Cumin, it turns drab to fab. Making a normally boring and predictable meal utterly delicious.


    CINNAMON! Great in desserts, equally as delicious in savoury dishes too, with a scent to die for.

  • Donato

    European parsley, it takes flavours up a notch, and is an easy & attractive edible garnish too.

  • Karina W

    I love my simple salt. It tastes good on everything!

  • Sonya N

    I love coriander, as it makes everything tastes fresh. Oh yum!

  • Julian

    I think cumin is the best spice, as it makes everything takes Moroccany, and I love Moroccan foods!

  • Kiely

    Garlic! I can not survive without it, there is a hint or maybe more in most dishes I cook!

  • jody jamieson

    i love to cook with oregano and garlic as the flavours are traditional and amazing to eat

  • My favourite herb to cook with is thyme because I make a lot of French dishes and herbs de provence are often required. It also reminds me of my childhood, we had wild thyme growing in my village and my mum would send me to pick some for the evening dinner.
    Mademoiselle Slimalicious recently posted..Caramelicious French Recipe for Bastille Day: Apple & Salted Butter Caramel Aumonieres!My Profile

  • Cathy Houden

    My homemade GARLIC bread … $5
    My homemade lasagna (with GARLIC)…. $25
    Best tablecloth because family is coming around… $50
    Incredible family dinner (thanks to GARLIC) ….PRICELESS

  • Merryl

    Chilli. It is perfect for any dish, from curry to stir fry to chocolate mousse. What? You’ve never added chilli to chocolate mousse? Why not? Try it. Try it now!

  • Kathy

    I love using tarragon! It gives a lovely, mildly licorice flavour that goes really well with fish, chicken and veal. I especially like using it in my honey, herbed meatballs. It gives them a wonderful flavour combined with the honey and soy. It’s one herb I always have on hand.

  • Jasmine1485

    I normally have basil growing in my balcony garden, and I love that it makes whatever I’m cooking smell gourmet and complicated (even if it’s just pasta sauce). Also, when I pick it, it makes my hands smell nice, I’ve been tempted to rub it on myself as perfume.

  • Cherry Adams

    Garlic is my all time favourite seasoning, it can be added to any type of meal turning it from bland to tasty and even the kids enjoy it, and its health benefits are amazing too!

  • Kimberley Belford

    Garlic for sure – I put it in almost everything lol.
    I get it from my dad who always said you can never have too much garlic- hubby sometimes disagrees when I go to kiss him after I eat dinner hehehe.

  • Renee Ballantyne

    Fresh ginger is my fave and so good for you

  • I love a dash of nutmeg
    kate recently posted..Creative Time at Apples & JamMy Profile

  • Cayenne Pepper, especially on grilled cheese toast, because it brings the heat and spices things up!
    Dianne Childs recently posted..The Body Shop Haul!My Profile

  • Paprika..

    I add paprika to everything! Its a great spice that brings a little sweetness to the dish – especially in my husbands too hot for my tongue and bottom to ever handle ‘Hot Tooty Baked Bean Chilli’
    (because when you toot it out the next day oh boy it burns!)
    Yvette Bowyer recently posted..Ranty Boots #2My Profile

  • Rachel

    Holy Basil, as it brings health, wealth, and prosperity! When freshly picked, the aromatic leaves hold a spicy, peppery bite with a combination of basil and mint flavours. I cook a lot of spicy food and the zestful blend of fragrance and tastes is maximised in this type of cooking!

  • Catherine

    My fav herb to cook with is parsley because it makes a meal look gourmet!