06th Aug2012

Storing breast milk without tears {Qubies Review}

by crapmamma
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When I was in the ‘lactating stage’ of motherhood I spent many hours milking myself to cater for the times I wasn’t ‘on tap’ for my bub. Whilst I seemed to produce enough milk from my (not-so-ample) bosom, actually expressing it wasn’t quite the smooth process I had initially anticipated.

Tears, tantrums and mutilated nipples later I’d pour that liquid gold into a bottle for freezing careful not to lose a drop. I’d top each of my bottles up every time I expressed so I didn’t have a whole heap of half empty containers in the freezer.

It would make me proud to see a few bottles of the greyish milk stored behind the fish fillets, frozen peas and ice-cream; knowing that I not only produced sustenance for my child but that I had a little spare ‘just in case’(amazing what makes you happy in a sleep-deprived, hormonal existence).

But during the times when bub decided that he didn’t quite feel like drinking mum-juice from a bottle after I’d lovingly expressed and stored the bloody stuff……well let’s just say it didn’t make me think of my ‘happy place’. And aside from the times I gave the left-over breast-milk to the dog or re-distributed it onto my husband’s cereal, it made me cringe at the thought of wasting a whole bottle of it!

This is where Qubies should have come in (had I known about them at the time). If only I’d met Alex and her team way back then, life would have been that little bit simpler (and my husband would have stopped throwing out perfectly good bottles of milk).

Qubies ice-cube trays

Qubies is a super-clever upside-down ice-cube tray which is perfect for storing breast milk (amongst other things). The bottom of the tray is one solid clear plastic tray where the liquid is stored. Once the lid is snapped on the liquid is divided into 30 ml cubes that, when frozen can be popped out and thrown into a freezer bag. Breast-milk stored this way can be defrosted in smaller portions - so less wastage (phew- hubs can breathe a sigh of relief no more sour-tasting Corn Flakes!).

Created by Aussie Mum Alexandra Wardle during a sleep-deprived frenzy of unsuccessfully trying to bang out baby mash from crappy ice-cube trays. Alex had decided that enough was enough and went on to create Qubies as an easier means of storing baby food and breast milk.

Considering  my boobs are now well into retirement it’s lucky that Qubies are also useful freezing things other than mam-juice. Baby foods, stocks, fruit pulps, juices - if you need it stored in small portions then this is bloody handy. 

With that in mind and a laden passionfruit vine in the back yard attracting possums and cockatoos my solution came in a pretty pink BPA-free Qubies tray…..

Passionfruit pulped and ready to freeze

Frozen portions of passionfruit, divided and ready to throw into a freezer bag…

Passion-pops…..without the liquor……..

So thanks to Qubies we no longer have passionfruit-possum-poop on our back-deck and now I have ‘passion-blocks’ to add to my yoghurt….now I reckon that could be their next marketing pitch!!

I found them easy to use, easy to get the frozen blocks out, they didn’t leak and just a bloody ingenious idea created by another Aussie Mum (bonus).

Qubies come in heaps of colours and are RRP $19.95 (but I’ve seen them on special for even cheaper than that :-)). If you’re hoping to get your hands on some of these jump on to the Qubies Website to find a distributor in your area.

BTW – Qubies do regular random giveaways on their Facebook page too….


Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was received for this review however one Qubies storage tray was provided for trial purposes. All comments and opinions about Qubies are honest and expressly my own – so there!  

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